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The only 2in1 that cools and heats


FRESCOCALDO, through the natural process of evaporative cooling it cools the air in a natural way, creating a microclimate of well-being for people with the windows completely open.


FRESCOCALDO,it also becomes a comfortable heater capable of heating rooms of approximately 20 m² in a few minutes.

Easy to use and quick to move thanks to the wheels.


Ecological and healthy, it refreshes, heats, exchanges and filters the air

Specific for:

  • homes
  • verandas
  • offices
  • camper
  • communities
  • establishment for elderly people
  • meeting rooms
  • studios
  • waiting rooms

Voltage: 220-240~ V/50Hz
Power consumption of Cool Setting: 75 Watt
Power consumption of Heat Setting: 1050-2100 Watt
Cooled/Heated area: ˜ 20m2
Water tank capacitya: 6 l
Air flow: 500 mc/h
Size: 43x81x33 cm
Gross weight: 10,42 Kg
Net weight: 7,84 Kg
Packaging size: 46x36x84,5 cm

Consumes only 75 Watt

Reduces temperatures in a few minutes

No external unit

Cools with windows open!

No maintenance


Removes odours

Can be set to ventilation only for air recirculation and filtering


  • Water tank with 6 litres capacity
  • Digital display with electronic controls so any function can be used straight away
  • Vegetable-fibre panel
  • Dustproof filter
  • Infrared remote control for all functions (operating range of mt. 9)

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