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Mobile air conditioner

To cool where needed only when needed

STAR COOLER is a mobile and indipendent air conditioner that eliminates heat and humidity.

STAR COOLER is an independent and mobile air conditioner that eliminates heat and humidity.

If heat and humidity are a problem, STAR COOLER is the righ solution, both inside and outside.

Through the special conveyors it conveys the cold and dehumidified air towards a large area or a specific area.

  • air-condition workstations inside non-air-conditioned warehouses
  • cool industrial machinery such as numerical control machines, reducing downtime.
  • air-condition rooms and small spaces, for example inside vehicles: thanks to its articulated and extendable conveyors, Star Cooler allows to convey the air-conditioned air over a specific area.
  • as a source of air conditioning for Industrial Processing activities.
  • Air-condition the operators in shipbuilding which, in the summer, are excessively hot, solving the problems of productivity and well-being of the operators.
  • Solve the problems of conditioning in the crane cabins and mobile structures.

Air-condition indoor areas such as large kitchens in restaurants, pizzerias and food laboratories.

Air-condition tensile structures, awnings and gazebos


It is the most convenient and exclusive mobile air conditioning system on the market.


Mobile and indipendent, for both inside and outside, STAR COOLER creates a large ventilated area. The cold air flow can be oriented in several directions thanks to the multiple angles of the air conveyors.

No installation hassle

Mobile, it has no external units, no installation time and cost.


The cold air flow is adjustable and can be channeled in difficult and cramped environments with the possibility of cooling several areas simultaneously.

Improve the productivity

Increase worker productivity by improving thei working conditions.

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