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Many of the purchasing decisions are made by potential customers within the point of sale on the basis of the communicative ability of the point of sale itself.

An effective point of sale is not only able to simplify the choice of the product, framing it in the specific model of use and enhancing its distinctive features, but it is also able to convey an adequate and professional corporate image.

The risk of poor and inadequate communication to convey the professionalism of the products sold is in fact positioning yourself on the level of competitors that offer non-professional and budget products. This generates a downward pressure on prices and, consequently, margins for the seller.
The installation must therefore appear not only attractive from an aesthetic point of view but also functional to the actual increase in purchases by providing an intrinsic consultancy service.

An aesthetically pleasing space, for example, designed according to a concept aligned to the message you want to put across and the type of clientèle can also help to satisfy needs that customers didn’t even know they had.
For this reason, today, more and more attention is paid to the study of the characteristics of the point of sale, designing its appearance down to every last detail in order to create a coherent design that above all, conveys the relevant message to its target customers.

In order to create an effective point of sale, there are many tools that can be used: shelving, display cases, wall-mounted boards, images on the floor, tensioning systems with steel cables for shop windows, luminous signs, display totems and decorations. Also posters, window decals and adhesive lettering, signage, promotional counters, floor or ceiling displays. In addition to attracting customers, furnishing a store with the right mix of information panels, digital prints, displays and shelving allows you to organize your work while reducing costs and operating faster.

For this reason, Varmatec provides the point of sale of its distributors with materials suitable for the effective and professional presentation of its products.

Varmatec provides its distributors with appropriate materials for the effective and professional presentation of its products:


Exhibitors supplied with the equipment

Demonstration panels

Product demonstration panel with presence sensor and automatic power-on

Leaflets and Catalogues

This material is already supplied by Varmatec to create display corners for its products and demonstration of the best heating performance compared to other non-professional products at our resellers’ and distributors’ points of sale.

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