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In order to achieve the best heating performance and comfort for people present, it is not only essential to choose the most suitable heater model but it is important that the installation is carried out correctly.

When choosing the heater, it must be considered that each model of Varma Tec® infrared heater is designed for a specific use. For this reason it is recommended that both the caloric capacity (e.g. power), the indicated air coverage and the installation height and the recommended mode of use be carefully checked.

The recommended installation technique is the same as for a lighting system where multiple light sources are placed on the wall and oriented to the areas of interest to create homogeneous coverage without shadow zones.

for the installation of Varma Tec®electric infrared heaters, in order to achieve maximum heat efficiency and comfort, it is also recommended other factors be considered, such as:

  • Environmental conditions – the lower the outside temperature and the higher the humidity in the air, the greater the amount of radiation required and therefore the more heaters.
  • The length of time people spend there – the greater the amount of time people spend in an area, the greater the amount of radiation required.
  • Orientation of the heater – the bulb of the heater must be correctly oriented towards the centre of the area to be heated and in any case in a complementary way with any other heaters to avoid the creation of areas not covered by radiation.


Installation on mobile support

The installation on a mobile support is ideal in those situations where:

  • It is not possible to install fixed electrical systems or wall installations
  • The heat source must be moved during operation
  • Only one workstation must be heated for a limited period of time
  • A heat source is required to speed up drying processes etc.

Varma Tec® d has a wide selection of mobile models with floor supports.

Wall or ceiling installation

Wall mounting is the most frequent and recommended installation means and allows the infrared heaters to be fitted in the room in a non-invasive way.

In order to obtain maximum heat efficiency and the best comfort, it is advisable to install the heater at the height indicated in the instruction manual, respecting the safety distances indicated, with an inclination of 45° according to the installation height and orienting the bulb towards the centre of the area to be heated.

Varma Tec® provides all necessary accessories for both fixture and orientation.

Installation under sunshades and tents

For some models of Varma Tec® electric infrared heaters, it is possible to install them under umbrellas and tents thanks to specific accessory hooks.

The following is recommended for proper installation:

  • Do not close the sunshade with the heater still on or warm.
  • If removing the heater from the sunshade, wire with a watertight plug connection.
  • If the heater is left mounted under the sunshade, make sure that it is fixed so that when closing the sunshade, the grille of the appliance cannot come into contact with the sunshade sheet, in order to avoid damage.

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