Star Bruma

FRE326N With antibacterial uv water sterilisation device

The new nozzle-free unit that atomises the water, thus bringing the temperature down and creating a pleasant, ventilated sensation.

Specific for:

  • bar
  • restaurants
  • hotel terraces
  • outside areas at events
  • swimming pool
  • beach facilities
  • sport centers
  • industrial spaces
  • flap
  • external areas of warehouses
    143 - 220 m3/h
    15 m
    Temperature reduction: 4-6°
    230 V
    Consumption: 210-220-230 Watt
    Cooled area:
    35/40 m2
    Water tank capacity:
    57 litres
    Noise level: 55-60-68 dB
    Water consumption: 2.8 litres/h
    Speed: ​​1100 - 1250/1400 rpm
    Color: Black matt
    Net weight: 34.2 Kg
    Height: 185 cm

No maintenance required. Limescale is not a problem, because the unit does not have nozzles

Ventilation speed adjustable, with three positions

No external unit

The electrical system is waterproof, therefore it is safe to use

Misting level can be adjusted

It reduces the temperature immediately creating a great well-being

Mobile, can be placed anywhere


No compressor, no maintenance hassle

Water consumption (average):

2,8 litres/h

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