FRE30000 With antibacterial uv sterilisation device and limescale filter

Cools the air and improves the environment

Specifically for:

  • workstations
  • warehouses
  • industrial spaces
  • tensile structures
    30000 m3/h
    220-240 V
    Consumption: 1100 Watt
    Type of ventilator:
    Axial flow
    Cooled area:
    600/800 m2
    Water tank capacity:
    200 litres
    Connection to water supply network
    Noise level: 70 ≤ dB
    Color Black
    Dimensions: cm 160x77x186
    Net weight: 125 kg
    Water consumption: 15/20 litres/h

Cellulose evaporative cooling panel: more energy saved, better protection for the environment

On / off timer function

High-capacity tank (200 l) that does not require frequent filling

Sound and visual alert to maintain the water at the ideal level all the time

Excellent comfort with quiet ventilation (70 ≤ Decibels)

Remote control

Mobile, with wheels with brakes

Antibacterial UV water sterilisation device

Improved air distribution with swing ventilation

3 speeds (high-medium-low)

Easy, immediate control of programs with the LCD panel

Water consumption:

average 15/20 litres/h according to use

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